Friday, September 9, 2011

I survived!

Today my baby - my darling, sweet, funny, smart, loving, kissy-face - is a big one-year-old today.  It was a trying year with a three-year-old in tow, to be certain.  (I hear four is better?  Is this true?  Please-oh-please-oh-please?!)  I'm sure my cousin who has six kids probably thinks I'm a wuss for barely making it through life with two kids.   But MAN!  Let me tell you what a whirlwind it has been!  A lot of ups, some downs.  And a whole lot of busy.  Here it is in numbers:

250: number of times I had to drop off or pick up Buggy from preschool.
125: number of times I had to wake Big K from a morning nap to pick up Buggy from preschool.
2: number of times I crashed my car at preschool.  In front of witnesses.
1: number of 5 series BMW's I crashed into at preschool belonging to a fellow parent.
18: number of pictures I took of Big K during his first year of life.  (He suffers from "Second Baby Syndrome")
37: number of temper tantrums thrown by me.
38: number of temper tantrums thrown by Buggy.
2: number of kids I have
63: number of kids it feels like I have
540: number of cubes of organic baby food I lovingly prepared.
365: number of breakfasts I have prepared (lovingly, of course)
365: number of lunches I have (lovingly) prepared.
345: number of dinners I have (grudgingly) prepared.
20: number of times we have gone out to dinner because I couldn't stand the thought of preparing ONE. MORE. MEAL.
17: number of ballet classes I had to drag Buggy to.
1: number of dress rehearsals I had to drag Buggy to.
2: number of dance recital performances starring the world's cutest Hopping Bunny.
8: number of gymnastics classes attended by Buggy.
34: number of ECFE classes attended by Big K and I.
20: number of swimming classes.
34: number of Spanish classes for Buggy.
6: number of trips to the zoo.  The big one.  The Minnesota Zoo.
5: number of airplane trips we have taken.  Arizona twice, Michigan, Canada, and North Carolina.
4,695: number of loads of laundry I have washed/dried/folded/sometimes put away.
750: number of hours I squandered watching trashy TV while posting on Facebook.
4: number of times I called the police because my cat set off the security system.
2190: number of diapers I have changed.  (of which approximately 1990 were poopy)
150: number of loads of diapers I have washed.
150: number of times I have asked myself why in the world I ever decided to use cloth diapers.
6522: number of hugs and kisses I have doled out.
6519: number of hugs and kisses I have received in reciprocation.
1: number of times we lost all three bunnies (Buggy's lovey).  At the same time.
3: number of bunnies recovered by my diligent searching and combing of house, neighborhood, and recent destinations.
0: number of stitches, broken bones, or any other serious injury that would result in a trip to the hospital (knock wood)
3: number of hours I was in labor.
45: number of minutes I had to "not push" as I waited for my doctor to arrive.
15: number of minutes of pushing to deliver Big K.
1: number of seconds it took me to fall in complete and utter love with my sweet boy.
9: number of months it took for Buggy to realize that her life was irrevocably altered - and not necessarily for the better.
6: number of Big K's all-nighters.
360: number of times I have ended the day wishing I had done things differently.
5: number of times I remembered to do things differently.

2: number of kids I always wanted and am completely blessed to have.


  1. 1: Number of amazing mother your children are blessed to have. :)
    Happy Birthday to Big K and congrats on no major injuries...once he is toddling, that number changes with the second child (speaking from my recent experiences. 2: the number of head wounds Cole has incurred in the last month from the tile floor; assisted or otherwise). :(
    Love you all!

  2. Congrats on making it through year #1 with two kids! I still have two more months before making it through year #1 with one! You are awesome. Love your blog. Love this post!!!