Friday, August 12, 2011

Why French press coffee is good for my kids.

What, you don't give your kids coffee?  Ok, neither do I.  But I still stand behind my statement.  French press coffee is good for my kids.  I don't have many vices, but I have do have a couple.  Caffeine being one and wine being the other.  The difference between the two is that I don't have to drink wine EVERY day.  Hey, don't judge.  It sure beats hookers and blow.

Back to the coffee...Let's start with my old coffee maker.  The beast.  I had a Cuisinart Grind 'n Brew.  Have you been considering a new coffee maker?  One that freshly grinds your coffee right before you brew it, so you can have the freshest tasting coffee this side of Starbucks?  Let me save you the trouble.  Don't.  From the get go, this thing sucked. 

First off, every part is (allegedly) dishwasher safe.  "Perfect!", I thought.  Then I put all the parts in the dishwasher, and ended up with water trapped in the insulated walls of the carafe.  Ok, well, I don't mind handwashing ONE part.  Well.  That is, until I realized that the opening of the carafe was not actually big enough to fit my hand through.  I ended up washing it by swishing soapy water around and carefully rinsing it, so as not to get more water trapped in the insulated walls.  I never felt like it was quite clean enough.

My second complaint about this stupid coffee maker was that it took a good 15 minutes to wash all the other parts by hand, or I had to have a half-empty dishwasher to fit in all twelve of the truly dishwasher-safe parts.  As a half-empty dishwasher is a rare find at our house (O house of many meals), I acquiesced to handwashing the damn thing every time I wanted coffee.  Which just happens to be every morning.  Then I thought, "Well, maybe if I pre-ground my coffee in my coffee grinder, foregoing the convenience and freshness of freshly ground coffee, that would eliminate two of the parts I had to wash (and dry) before using my coffee maker."  Good in theory, right?  Wrong.  The moisture from the coffee maker made its way to the grinding unit, and had to be washed.  Daily.  Even if I didn't use it.

So why is French press coffee good for my kids?  I'll explain.  I finally gave up on the Cuisinart Grind and Brew Debacle.  Put it on a shelf in the basement.  (**shameless product plug alert**)  Then I ordered myself a La Cafetiere French Coffee Press.

It takes all of five minutes to wash.  Doesn't need to be dried.  There's no more cursing in the kitchen.  The coffee actually tastes good.  It's an all-around good deal.  My kids benefit because I get my coffee quickly and there are no more temper tantrums (from my end, at least).  Plus, since I'm not spending my whole morning fiddling around with a POC coffee maker, I can use that time lovingly preparing them nutritionally balanced, yet delicious breakfasts.  Oh, and, this cute coffee press isn't constantly sucking electricity, and it takes up a LOT less counter space.  Win-win.

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