Monday, August 15, 2011

Quirky idiosyncrasy or annoying tic?

I have reread all of my new blog posts at least one thousand times (like I'm assuming most bloggers do), in an effort to read them through the eyes of my audience. It's like the way I look at rooms in my house with new perspective directly after a visitor leaves. Do other people do this? This is not the idiosyncrasy I am referring to in my title. Although, it seems like there is room to further explore this particular quirk.

There is one thing all of my blog posts seem to have in common. I know what you're thinking! Yes, they are witty and well-crafted, but beyond that...I have a very strange habit of writing, "Anyways, back to...(whatever topic I was covering before I went off on a tangent). After discovering this through my re-readings, I considered going back and editing at least some of my posts, so it wasn't so glaring. Since I'm new to the world of blogging, I don't know how this is viewed in the blogosphere. Is it blasphemous to edit yourself in such a manner? Since I'm putting myself out here, am I to leave myself flapping in the breeze? Leaving typos, weird writing idiosyncrasies, and who knows what else out there for all the world to read? Forever imprinted in the vast interwebs? It doesn't seem right! Or... Does it become my trademark writing style? But then I have to commit myself to somewhat irrelevant tangents in every blog post and returning to the intended subject with a canned "anyways, back to...". That seems rather forced and unnatural. Although I've managed to do it quite naturally and unwittingly thus far. Hmm. I suppose I'll leave my original posts as is, and will now be cognizant of how I return from tangents. Eliminating the tangents is certainly NOT the answer here. Varying the segue just might be the ticket.

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  1. When I used to blog, I did the same thing. I bet if you could listen to yourself talk, you probably say it a lot too. No worries, it's "you". If it happens, it happens; I find it charming. :)