Sunday, July 31, 2011

What's in a Name?

One key piece to starting a blog is the name. It has to be representative. It has to be memorable. And in my case, it has to have a bit of tongue-in-cheek action.

Bon bons. They’re what I eat all day, with my slippered feet upon the coffee table. I sip coffee, read the paper, and do a little arm-chair parenting. Isn’t that what all stay-at-home moms do? What?! You don’t??

The reality is, staying at home with your child(ren) – be you mother or father – is MUCH harder than anyone expects or can accurately relay to someone who hasn't done it.  Duh. Yeah, I can count the diapers I change, the number of tantrums I encounter, the number of meals I prepare, and the loads of laundry I wash/dry/fold/sometimes put away. It’s the intangible work that gets me. I can’t count the bits of energy that leave my body with each micro-parenting decision I make each day. There is a constant flow of thoughts that prepare me for my next move. Being the introvert that I am (I’ll delve deeper in future posts), parenting completely zaps me.

Example: Daughter (for whom I need a clever moniker for the purposes of blogging) makes a ridiculous request – like asking to fingerpaint just as I sit down to nurse the baby. As the question is leaving her lips I have to stop myself from saying, “No way! Are you crazy? Can’t you see I’m busy here?!” and come up with, “I know you enjoy painting! It’s a constructive way to channel your creative energy. Yes, you can paint later!” Sometimes the wait kills her, as the appropriate responses are really hard for me to formulate, and thus, take a long time to say. Usually, I don’t get that far, and opt for the first thing that pops into my head. Then I add that tantrum to my daily tally. Zapped. Bzzzt.

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  1. Why, hello! Sorry, I ate most of the dark chocolate bon-bons... Happy to see you on this here blogosphere! (Karen Shapiro)